What we Provide

Airtest provides a wide range of services related to HVAC systems in commercial and industrial facilities. Including offices, hospitals, labs, schools, colleges, restaurants, retail, new facilities, existing facilities.

Our services include HVAC Test, Adjust, Balance (TAB), Confidence Testing of Shaft Pressurization Systems, Duct Air Leakage Testing, Building Envelope Testing, Special Inspection for Smoke Control, and AAALAC Testing, among others.

As technology advances, more focus is being put on the energy efficiency of the equipment, and of the building as a whole. Airtest is committed to using the latest technology to provide our customers with exceptional results.

Test Adjust Balance (TAB)

Since 1995, Airtest has specialized in the testing, adjusting, and balancing of HVAC systems including all air handling systems, domestic water systems, and hydronic systems. We perform this work for commercial, institutional, industrial, and public projects.

TAB is the process of setting air and hydronic (conditioned water for heating and cooling) flows to design conditions specified by the engineer of record. Our goal is to optimize the performance of these systems in both new construction and existing buildings.

Benefits to your building:

  • Increased HVAC operational efficiency
  • Lower operating costs
  • Improved occupant comfort and productivity
  • Protection of sensitive areas from airborne contamination

TAB for New vs. Pre-Existing buildings:

  • Certifying proper installation of HVAC equipment
  • Demonstrating conformance to specifications
  • Troubleshooting
  • Re-balancing existing systems


Commissioning is the testing process of mechanical systems to assure the end user that they operate as designed and intended. Commissioning involves a systematic process that facilitates effective communication between building owners, designers, and contractors.

Systems we test:

  • HVAC Systems
  • Hydronic Systems
  • Domestic Water Systems

Commissioning of Existing Buildings:

  • Certifying proper operation of HVAC systems
  • Detecting and correcting system performance deviations from intended operating conditions
  • Identify opportunities for improvements in energy utilization in the building
  • Resolve occupant comfort issues

Other Services

In addition to TAB and Commissioning, Airtest offers a range of related services. Our technicians are very experienced with Stairwell and Elevator Shaft Pressurization, as well as Smoke Control Testing.

Additional Services:

  • Stairwell/Elevator

  • Shaft Pressurization Testing

  • Smoke Control Testing

  • Building Envelope Inspection

  • AAALAC Testing

  • Duct Air Leakage Testing

  • Sound Testing

  • Fire Life Safety pressurization systems for stairwells and elevators as part of the building Smoke Control

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