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Founded in 1995, Airtest has grown from a one-person operation into a cohesive team with comprehensive knowledge and experience in the industry. Our President, Brent Wyman, along with our team at Airtest, have built one of the premiere HVAC Test, Adjust, Balance (TAB) firms in the Pacific Northwest.

At Airtest we maintain our excellent reputation by focusing on 100% customer satisfaction – recognizing honesty and integrity as part of our core company values. Ongoing education and training for team members is also an important component of our value system.

Another example of our core company values is Brent volunteering many hours supporting efforts to maintain industry standards through his work with local government agencies and industry organizations.

Just as our customers are important, so are the communities we work in. This is why we support:

We ensure our work under our own Airtest Guarantee and the NEBB Quality Assurance Program. We provide quick and accurate report turnaround by applying the latest technology in instrumentation and data reporting. Our field personnel are equipped with a mobile data reporting program, allowing us to generate reports at any point during the project.

Our goal is to utilize our unique combination of advanced HVAC skillsets, along with our combined experience in Test and Balance, Service, and Controls to identify, analyze, and resolve any issue.



Brent was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and was exposed to the HVAC industry and watched it grow alongside his father who is now a retired union sheet metal worker. Brent received his B.S. in Business Administration from Central Washington University in 1993. Brent’s focus in the HVAC industry has been in Test and Balance/Systems Commissioning/Service/Maintenance.

After 25-plus years in all phases of HVAC systems technology, Brent is a NEBB Certified Test and Balance Supervisor, NEBB Qualified Systems Commissioning Administrator, and he has his CFC Certification. He has volunteered and utilized his experience and knowledge as the past Treasurer of the Pacific Northwest NEBB Chapter and currently sits on the SMACNA Western Washington Board of Directors.

Under Brent’s leadership, Airtest has become the go-to NEBB certified Test, Adjust, Balance (TAB) contractor in the Pacific Northwest. This reputation has been developed as a result of Brent valuing and investing in his team’s ongoing education and training, striving for exceptional results for his clients, and because he recognizes the power of technology.


Mike Touchette

Since 1996 | NEBB CP | Field Supervisor

Adam Hoskins

Since 2007 | NEBB Tech | Field Foreman / Estimator

Scott Davies

Since 2003 | NEBB CP | Field Foreman


Since 2008 | NEBB Tech | Journeyman

Brandon Hyslip

Since 2015 | NEBB CP | Field Foreman
Serving Greater Alaska


Since 2016 | Journeyman

Josh Buzzard

Since 2017 | NEBB Tech | Journeyman


Since 2018 | Journeyman

MichaEL Grim

Since 2023 | NEBB Tech Journeyman

William Vincent

Since 2024 | NEBB Tech | Journeyman


Since 2016 | Journeyman


Since 2016 | Journeyman


Since 2015 | NEBB Tech | Journeyman


Corinna Vallee

Since 2002 | Office Manager

Suzanne Glazier

Since 2018 | Payroll Administrator


Airtest’s field employees are fully certified, either as a NEBB Certified Professional (formerly designated NEBB Qualified TAB Supervisors) or as a NEBB Certified TAB Technician. Airtest is a member of SMACNA Western Washington and is an ICB Certified TABB Contractor. Our field employees are proud members of the SMART Local 66 and SMART Local 23 unions.

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