Our commercial projects range from small retail shops and restaurants to department stores, high-rise office towers, multi-story tilt ups, and strip malls. The rapid progress of HVAC technology towards high-efficiency installations requires the professional services of a qualified TAB agency, such as Airtest. Our qualified technicians ensure these systems are performing as intended, and that these environments have the proper airflow and comfort to run efficiently, and in a healthy manner.

112th at 12th, Bellevue

This 3 building project in Bellevue encompasses 480,000 square feet of Class A office space, served by the most modern HVAC equipment available at the time. Airtest was engaged to balance this system to optimize tenant comfort and productivity. Projects with Class A office are great opportunities for Airtest to demonstrate the level of control and perfection we deliver, as the demands for a precise level of comfort tend to be higher than in other settings.

Tulalip Casino, Tulalip Reservation

This project features an underfloor supply system to ventilate the 215,000 square foot casino areas with high volumes of 100% outside air. Exhaust air from the casino areas is routed through heat recovery systems to pre-heat the fresh air supply, when needed, as an energy saving feature. Airtest’s experience on other underfloor ventilation systems proved valuable to the construction team regarding the construction quality of the underfloor plenums.

Tower 333, Bellevue

Airtest performed the TAB and Special Inspection of the Smoke Control Systems on this project. The building is a 415,000 square foot 20 story structure in downtown Bellevue, and is currently largely occupied by Expedia. Special Inspection for Smoke Control Systems is a form of commissioning required by code. Airtest set and documented the code-required pressures for the exit stairwells, elevator shafts, and event floors. Additionally, Airtest performed functional performance testing of the Smoke Control System to verify proper operation. Airtest has performed this service for several projects in Bellevue and the greater Puget Sound region.

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