Public Works

Public Works

Public works projects range in nature from government agencies and facilities to military installations. Airtest does local, state, and federal government facilities. These facilities have the same requirements as any other office, or critical environment, and are set to meet those demands. These facilities pose many of the same challenges as other TAB projects – however, there are often access limitations to sensitive areas. Airtest has experience working with these restrictions and we have a solid track record of success with these types of projects.

JBLM Army Growth Complex

This project consisted of a new, 10-building complex designed to support military operations from Company to Brigade level, and featured an under-floor air distribution system. Airtest was on-base for several months in 2009 performing the TAB.

Safeco Field

Airtest was very excited about the opportunity to participate in this project, working right up to opening day to ensure completion of our responsibilities. The scope included TAB of the locker rooms, all of the vending areas, suites and administrative areas. We participated, with all other contractors, in the Super Flush prior to Opening Night and successfully completed our task!

King County Courthouse Seismic Upgrade

This was a challenging project for all involved contractors. The goal was to reinforce an aging structure to modern seismic standards, including upgrading the building’s HVAC systems. Airtest completed the TAB on this complex project in 2003.

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