Life Sciences

Life Science research facilities are an important part of our work.  These projects are very complicated in design and construction, increasing the challenge for the TAB technician.  Most of these facilities contain lab areas of BSL 1, 2, and 3 classifications.  AIRTEST has performed many projects with highly complicated laboratory HVAC systems, including BSL 3 labs.


ICOS Bldg. 2 PDF 1996

This was a design build project to construct a process development facility, and was AIRTEST’s first life science building. Although relatively small, the systems were complicated and required careful measurement and adjustment to establish the necessary pressure gradients. It was an excellent opportunity for AIRTEST to prove its capabilities in this area, and opened the door to taking on other Life Sciences projects.


307 Westlake 2003307 Westlake

This building houses several life science research organizations.  Since it includes offices, vivariums, research labs, and BSL 3 labs, several different types of HVAC zones and requirements were incorporated into the project, increasing the challenge of properly carrying out the TAB. In particular, vivariums have special ventilation requirements to properly care for research animals as regulated by AALAC.  AIRTEST provides annual AALAC recertification for vivariums if requested.


UW Medicine Lake Union Phases 1, 2, 3UW Medicine Lake Union Research Facility

This project was densely packed with complicated ventilation systems serving research labs, vivariums, office spaces and large meeting spaces. AIRTEST’s work was completed in phases over a course of several years, as construction was completed.  A new HVAC feature for Phase 2 and 3 was the inclusion of chilled beam technology serving the buildings. This was our first encounter with the chilled beam technology, and we are looking forward to working with it again.