Since 1995 AIRTEST has utilized a team with extensive experience in the industry and strong local contacts. Brent Wyman, President has developed AIRTEST into one of the premiere HVAC Test & Balance firms in the Northwest.

AIRTEST’s excellent reputation is due to its focus on customer satisfaction—integrity is our touchstone. We ensure our work under our own AIRTEST Guarantee and the NEBB Quality Assurance Program.

We provide quick and accurate report turnaround by utilizing the latest technology in instrumentation and data reporting. Our field personnel are equipped with a mobile data reporting program, allowing us to generate reports at any point during the project.

Our goal is to provide a unique combination of HVAC system skills, based on our combined experience in Test and Balance, service and controls. We are very experienced in analyzing problems with new and existing building HVAC operation, and gathering the necessary resources to resolve those problems.